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Electric Vehicle Leasing

At Lease Your Car, we have a wide selection of Electric Vehicle Leasing options for you to choose from. Browse our extensive range of vehicles below. Whether you are choosing to lease one of our electric vehicles for personal or business use - we can assure you that we have the best electric car lease deals on the market. 

With a selection of electric cars ranging from; Electric Smart cars, Electric Hatchback cars among many others. There is a reason why electric cars are growing in popularity. This is because electric cars quite simply have better technology. These popular cars provide no noise or pollution whilst providing better acceleration and cheaper running costs.

Below, we have provided some answers to any questions you may have regarding electric cars: 

Electric Vehicle Leasing FAQ:

How far can an electric car journey?

An electric vehicle can journey further than you can probably imagine. As you are probably aware, car manufacturers are regularly releasing the latest and best models and variants which offers improved vehicle ranges. Proving you with more choice and flexibility than ever before. Find the electric vehicle that suits your needs.


How long can electric car batteries last?

How long an EV battery lasts depends on several factors. Much like other batteries, you may have in your life such as your phone, laptop or tablet - electric car batteries naturally lose capacity over time. 

As a rough estimate, you should expect a battery to last around 10 years - although you should be aware that you could get double the amount of time or slightly less. 


How often should I charge my electric car?

The average car in the UK covers approximately 7,500 miles per year. This equates to around 144 miles per week or slightly over 20 miles per day. So if you travel these kinds of distances, keep in mind that the average car has a range of 150 miles or more.

Start your Electric Vehicle Leasing with Lease Your Car today by browsing our list of electric cars below.

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