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Are you looking for a top TESLA leasing deal? Lease Your Car are leaders in TESLA car leasing deals across a wide range of models and specifications. Our experienced team have been supplying TESLA vehicles to our customers for over a decade and can give you free impartial advice on the full range.

Tesla cars are known for their innovative technology and sleek design. They are all-electric vehicles, powered by lithium-ion batteries, and are designed to be highly energy efficient. The company offers several models, including the Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and Cybertruck.

The Model S and Model X are luxury vehicles with a range of up to 373 miles per charge and advanced features such as autopilot and a large touchscreen display however these two vehicles are being redesigned and set for a 2024 relaunch. 

The Model 3 and Model Y are more affordable options, with a range of up to 358 miles per charge and similar advanced features.

All Tesla cars are equipped with over-the-air software updates, which add new features and improve performance over time. They also have advanced safety features such as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning.